I am a vibrant Kenyan fine artist known for my distinct visual compositions characterized by long necks, textured canvas and bold colors.

“The long necks reflect aspiration, desire and longing in human endeavors.  I feel like we live in anticipation, almost always, and this is because of our ability to perceive the future, In one way or another we are always looking forward to something, looking to change, or just  actively working toward a concept of an ideal future- that’s how the long necks came about in my compositions”

I’m  a graduate of Creative Entrepreneurship by the Godown Arts Centre with a background in Architecture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and I’ve also completed the networked course CopyrightX  that explores the current law of copyright and the ongoing debates concerning how that law should be reformed  offered by Harvard Law School.  

To make my work feel more expressive, I use  sawdust to create interesting textures on the surface of  most of my canvas pieces that is not only exciting to feel, but also allows me to use bolder brush strokes and other fun paint application techniques in my works.

Since 2015, I’ve been actively producing works of art inspired by music, relationships with people, ideas or things, and our day to day activities.

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