Leo Mativo, works with oil or acrylic paints to create unique spectral abstract figurative compositions that reflect deeper brief or prolonged, mental states provoked by current collective  psychological conditions. His work seeks to portray mental turmoil and other psychosocial conditions happening behind the eyes of the people you pass in the street.

His most recent body of works, Screaming, explores uncertainty and are inspired by the current high cost of living that has affected almost everyone in Kenya. Not only is there a four yeah high inflation rate that has raised fuel and food prices to an all time high, we are also still on the road to recovery from Covid and there’s additionally an election coming up that has some people worried . The works are a reflection of a collective inner discomfort – turmoil brought about by uncertainty.


Leo Mativo is a graduate of creative Entrepreneurship by the Godown Arts Centre with a background in Architecture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He has also completed the networked course CopyrightX that explores the current law of copyright and the ongoing debates concerning how that law should be reformed offered by Harvard Law School courtesy of the GoDown Arts Centre.


In his 11 years of self-discovery and evolution in his art practice, Mativo has showcased his works with The Little Gallery, Noir Gallery, the GoDown’s Manjano Exhbition, Kenya Art Fair, Kuona Trust, and other group exhibitions, pop-up markets and features.

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